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Star Jennifer Carpenter closed the book on Debra Morgan on Sunday when Showtime's serial er drama ended its eht-season run with a series finale that was as shocking as it is sure to be debated.

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During the hour, written by showrunner Scott Buck, one of Miami Metro's most beloved perished as Dexter Morgan's (Michael C.

Jennifer Carpenter ‘<strong>Dexter</strong>’ Star Is Pregnant. - Hollywood.

Jennifer Carpenter ‘Dexter’ Star Is Pregnant. - Hollywood.

Hall) serial er who has been fhting an internal battle to really feel love for anyone got what he wanted.

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Dexter’ Season 8 Series Finale Spoilers — Deb and Dex Reunited.

After coming to catching the Brain Surgeon, Deb ultimately would never fully recover from the gunshot wound the tough-talking (and acting) detective suffered in the penultimate episode.Dexter' Series Finale Jennifer Carpenter Talks Deb's Final.

Dexter deb dating real life:

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